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*Remember the oneness*

*Remember the oneness*

I close half an eye and I’m floating softly in the sky.

The gentile stream of light playing in my chest is carrying me away

I feel no wish or will or longing, every possible meaning of life is
present in me

All my cells are one in the sweet surrendering to the flow.

Flickering puffs of emotions are fueling the ride, lifting me higher and

Combusting with the weightlessness and the infinite, creating inside
colorful fireworks show.

How come I never noticed I don’t have to do anything to be?

Why all the struggles and the pain when the oneness is always with me?

A cloud passes by asking what to do with this feeling of being full and

And another one comes closer worried I cannot hold the intensity anymore

And another one… and another one…

The fireworks lose their color and want to break free from my chest

I look up, I look down, it’s all cloudy – I can no longer avoid my unrest.

I close the whole eye. It’s silence again. I close the other one too.

The piano echoes in my ears and the tangible light is playing again in
my breast.

I let my whole body be swallowen by the bliss; I dive in its depth and
open my soul to receive it,

I’m pregnant with light, I’m carrying it along in the world,

I’m letting it flow through my voice, through each step, through my
closed eyes.

– by Lili =)

Ich bin nicht ich

Ich bin jener,
der an meiner Seite geht, ohne dass ich ihn erblicke,
den ich oft besuche,
und den ich oft vergesse.
Jener, der ruhig schweigt, wenn ich spreche,
der sanftmütig verzeiht, wenn ich hasse,
der umherschweift, wo ich nicht bin,
der aufrecht bleiben wird, wenn ich sterbe.

Juan Ramon Jiménez
(Span. Lyriker, 1881-1958)

– send by Lara via mail