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How Kindness Became Our Forbidden Pleasure

 Please read the full article here:  How Kindness Became Our Forbidden Pleasure


“We are never as kind as we want to be, but nothing outrages us more than people being unkind to us.”

“Practice kindness all day to everybody and you will realize you’re already in heaven now,” Jack Kerouac wrote in a beautiful 1957 letter. “Kindness, kindness, kindness,” Susan Sontag resolved in her diary on New Year’s Day in 1972. And yet, although kindness is the foundation of all spiritual traditions and was even a central credo for the father of modern economics, at some point in recent history, kindness became little more than an abstract aspiration, its concrete practical applications a hazardous and vulnerable-making behavior to be avoided — we need only look to the internet’s “outrage culture” for evidence, or to the rise of cynicism as our flawed self-defense mechanism against the perceived perils of kindness. We’ve come to see the emotional porousness that kindness requires as a dangerous crack in the armor of the independent self, an exploitable outward vulnerability — too high a cost to pay for the warm inward balm of the benevolence for which we long in the deepest parts of ourselves.

Kindness has become “our forbidden pleasure.”

Please read the full article here:  How Kindness Became Our Forbidden Pleasure

Inner peace

Frieden im Äußeren kann durch Vereinbarungen erreicht werden.
Frieden im Inneren erlangst du nur durch LIEBE.
– Gedanken von Peace Pilgrim

Outer peace can be archived by agreements.
Inner peace just by love.
– thoughts by Peace Pilgrim

20 Powerful Secrets to Meaningful Relationships

Here are twenty powerful secrets that will help you form meaningful relationships with people:

  • When two people meet, the prize always goes to the one with the most self-insight. He will be calmer, more confident, more at ease with the other.
  • Never permit the behavior of other people to tell you how you feel.
  • Pay little attention to what people say or do. Instead, try to see their innermost motive for speaking and acting.
  • Any friendship requiring the submission of your original nature and dignity to another person is all wrong.
  • Mystically speaking, there is no difference between you and another person. This is why we cannot hurt another without hurting ourselves, nor help another without helping ourselves.
  • When we are free of all unnecessary desires toward other people, we can never be deceived or hurt.
  • You take a giant step toward psychological maturity when you refuse to angrily defend yourself against unjust slander. For one thing, resistance disturbs your own peace of mind.
  • You understand others to the exact degree that you really understand yourself. Work for more self-knowledge.
  • Do not be afraid to fully experience everything that happens to you in your human relations, especially the pains and disappointments. Do this and everything becomes clear at last.
  • The individual who really knows what it means to love has no anxiety when his love is unseen or rejected.
  • If you painfully lose a valuable friend, do not rush out at once for a replacement. Such action prevents you from examining your heartache and breaking free of it.
  • Do not be afraid to be a nobody in a social world. This is a deeper and richer truth than appears on the surface.
  • Every unpleasant experience with another person is an opportunity to see people as they are, not as we mistakenly idealize them. The more unpleasant the other person is, the more he can teach you.
  • You can be so wonderfully free from a sense of injury and injustice that you are surprised when you hear others complain of them.
  • We cannot recognize a virtue in another person that we do not possess in ourselves. It takes a truly loving and patient person to recognize those virtues in another.
  • Do not mistake desire for love. Desire leaves home in a frantic search for one gratification after another. Love is at home with itself.
  • There are parts of you that want the loving life and parts that do not. Place yourself on the side of the positive forces: do all you can to aid and encourage them.
  • You must stop living timidly from fixed fears of what others will think of you and of what you will think of yourself.
  • Do not contrive to be a loving person: work to be a real person. Being real is being loving.
  • The greatest love you could ever offer to another is to so transform you inner life that others are attracted to your genuine example of goodness.

Source: “Twenty Special Secrets,” from Mystic Path to Cosmic Power, by Vernon Howard

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