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How Kindness Became Our Forbidden Pleasure

 Please read the full article here:  How Kindness Became Our Forbidden Pleasure


“We are never as kind as we want to be, but nothing outrages us more than people being unkind to us.”

“Practice kindness all day to everybody and you will realize you’re already in heaven now,” Jack Kerouac wrote in a beautiful 1957 letter. “Kindness, kindness, kindness,” Susan Sontag resolved in her diary on New Year’s Day in 1972. And yet, although kindness is the foundation of all spiritual traditions and was even a central credo for the father of modern economics, at some point in recent history, kindness became little more than an abstract aspiration, its concrete practical applications a hazardous and vulnerable-making behavior to be avoided — we need only look to the internet’s “outrage culture” for evidence, or to the rise of cynicism as our flawed self-defense mechanism against the perceived perils of kindness. We’ve come to see the emotional porousness that kindness requires as a dangerous crack in the armor of the independent self, an exploitable outward vulnerability — too high a cost to pay for the warm inward balm of the benevolence for which we long in the deepest parts of ourselves.

Kindness has become “our forbidden pleasure.”

Please read the full article here:  How Kindness Became Our Forbidden Pleasure

How does compassion feel like?
When do you feel compassion?
What is compassion?

Wie fühlt sich Mitgefühl an?
Wann fühlst du Mitgefühl?
Was ist Mitgefühl?

Mitgefühl (Compassion), free multimedia ebook

Was ist der Unterschied zwischen Empathie und Mitgefühl? Kann man Mitgefühl trainieren? Ist es messbar? Wie kann Mitgefühlstraining in Schulen, Kliniken und bei der Betreuung von Sterbenden angewandt werden? Verändert sich das Gehirn durch mentales Training?

Das kostenlose eBook Mitgefühl. In Alltag und Forschung von Tania Singer und Matthias Bolz beschreibt bestehende sekuläre Trainingsprogramme, den aktuellen Stand der Wissenschaft sowie Erfahrungsberichte aus der Praxis. Die neuartige Gestaltung des eBooks bietet umfangreiches Videomaterial, originelle Soundcollagen von Nathalie Singer sowie künstlerische Fotos von Olafur Eliasson.

Quelle: http://www.compassion-training.org/


What is the difference between empathy and compassion? Is it possible to train compassion? Can it be measured? How useful is compassion training in schools, clinical settings, and end-of-life care? Can the brain be transformed through mental training?

The free eBook: Compassion. Bridging Practice and Science by Tania Singer and Matthias Bolz describes existing secular compassion training programs and empirical research as well as the experiences of practitioners. The state-of-the-art layout of the eBook includes video clips and a selection of original sound collages by Nathalie Singer, and artistic images by Olafur Eliasson.

Source: http://www.compassion-training.org/