The reality of my dreams

How can we create the world of our dreams,

where all the things we do feel right

And waking up in the morning is joyful and bright?

A world where you don’t have to look outside for motivation

or ideas or guidance,

Where all you need just flows through you

like a spring in the spring

into the world, into the universe,

Where people dance through their lives like ballerinas –

light and soft and touching hearts,

Where every storm is a wonderful show

and every drop of sun is a blessing.

A world where I see you and I feel you without words

Where not even your eyes have to speak for my heart to know your heart

A world where I am loved so greatly like I cannot ever imagine,

Where all my steps are supported and welcomed

And none of the lie, the absurdity or the sadness exists?

The world of my dreams is already created, I’m living in it.

Just sometimes the lie, the absurdity and the sadness catch me by the finger…

writing by Lili