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Transient Beachart

Here is a nice little inspiration for you :)

Andres Amador place of inspiration is the beach and the ocean. He creates wonderful paintings with rake into the sand. The art is like an impression, like a moment. Transient and impermanent.

Enjoy it while it is there :)

All pictures and drawings by Andres Amador:

Into the atmosphere

The stars are flying over our heads, the clouds are passing by, the sun is rising every day again and again. The following timelaps-video shows a part of this beautiful planet… The Atmosphere :)

Die Sterne ziehen über uns hinweg, Wolken kommen und gehen. Jeden Tag erwacht die Sonne und verzaubert die Welt…. Das folgende Zeitraffer-Video zeigt einen wundervollen Teil des Planetens, die Atmosphäre =)

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On the way to school

“On the way to school” is a beautiful movie about 4 kids and their ways to school. There is Jackson (11) from Kenya, Zahira (12) from Marocco, Samuel (13) from India and Carlito (11) from Argentina… Impressing stories, beautiful moments… Watch the trailer at:

Ich bin nicht ich

Ich bin jener,
der an meiner Seite geht, ohne dass ich ihn erblicke,
den ich oft besuche,
und den ich oft vergesse.
Jener, der ruhig schweigt, wenn ich spreche,
der sanftmütig verzeiht, wenn ich hasse,
der umherschweift, wo ich nicht bin,
der aufrecht bleiben wird, wenn ich sterbe.

Juan Ramon Jiménez
(Span. Lyriker, 1881-1958)

– send by Lara via mail



The open source movement is growing. Inspired by projects like Linux,  the firefox webbrowser or wikipedia more and more great projects are developed.

The Open Source Movement left the digital world. One of the next step is to share knowledge in order to provide free technology solutions available for everybody.

The wikihouse is one of them:


“We come into the world with nothing and with nothing we’ll go.” “Always remember that”.

…said Samuel, a 13 year old boy from India with a dream. He is one of the amazing kids shown in the Documentary “On the way to School”.

How does compassion feel like?
When do you feel compassion?
What is compassion?

Wie fühlt sich Mitgefühl an?
Wann fühlst du Mitgefühl?
Was ist Mitgefühl?

Death and rebirth

“Sometimes you need to die in order to be reborn”

Let go of your sorrow,
let go of your craving,
let go of your longing,
let go of the old,
let go of what you don’t need no more.

Let go, and die.

Feel the moment,
feel the tranquility,
feel the peace.

be born again.

young and fresh is your energy,
young and fresh are your thoughts,
as light as the butterfly,
lifting up into the air.

– Aurelio